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Announcements: Rio School on Global Governance, Democracy and Human Rights; SAIELN Local Approaches to International Economic Law; Lessons from Courtr


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Mar 21, 2024
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1. Rio School on Global Governance, Democracy and Human Rights. The Rio School on Global Governance, Democracy and Human Rights is a four-month intensive program, taught in English, aimed at expanding knowledge on European Union institutions and practices in Global Governance, particularly their relevance to South America. The lectures cover various topics, highlighting the EU’s role as a global regulator and normative actor, and the influence of new subjects and non-State actors in international law. The program assesses multilevel and informal decision-making mechanisms in the European and international contexts and their impact on global regulation. It also focuses on the EU’s promotion of the rule of law and human rights in Latin America, providing a critical analysis of EU institutions, decision-making processes, and challenges to its external action strategy. The second edition of the Rio School will take place between 7 August – 6 November 2024 (on Wednesdays), in person, at FGV’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Apply here. Check the Rio School Guide here.​

2. SAIELN 2024: Local Approaches to International Economic Law. The Fourth Biennial Conference of the South Asian International Economic Law Network (SAIELN) will take place on 16th – 18th December 2024 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in collaboration with the Open University of Sri Lanka. The Fourth Biennial Conference will be held in person and aims to provide a platform for experts, policymakers, lawyers, academics, economists, and grassroots level actors to exchange views on the multifaceted challenges and innovative legal and policy solutions to further “local” approaches to IEL. More details are available here.​

3. Finding balance: Lessons from Courtroom battles on International Climate Law. On 19 June 2024, the Royal Netherlands Society of International Law will host an (onsite and online) presentation and discussion by professor Andre Nollkaemper on “Finding Balance: Lessons from Courtroom Battles on International Climate Law”. The presentation will discuss the significant shift that in 2024 occurred in the global climate regime. In his presentation, Andre Nollkaemper will discuss the lessons we can draw from international and national caselaw so far. How have courts contributed to developing and implementing international climate law and how have they attempted to balance competing interests in this complex global arena. The presentation is followed by Q&A and drinks. The event will take place in The Hague and online from 1930-2100 h. Register at contact@knvir. More information here.​

4. ICLQ New Forum and Call for Papers for First Volume on Law of the Sea. The International and Comparative Law Quarterly Journal (ICLQ) has announced the launch of the ICLQ Forum – a new issue focused on a single theme allowing for detailed analysis and diverse perspectives, subject to the usual ICLQ editorial process. For more information see here. The inaugural Forum is on ‘Law of the Sea: Present Challenges and Future Directions’, and a Call for Papers is now live here. They are particularly interested in papers that draw out systemic issues between the law of the sea and broader questions of international law or have a more reflective, forward-looking perspective. Authors are invited to submit articles of 6-8,000 words (including footnotes) via ScholarOne by 31 August 2024. Early career researchers and those from under-represented communities are encouraged to submit. Contact a.riddell {at} biicl(.)org with any questions.​

5. Online Symposium: Futureproofing Human Rights, Developing Thicker Forms of Accountability. This online symposium will take place on 18 June 2024. Find more information here. Registration by 14 June here.​
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