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    Chili Cheese Dip

    Continue reading Chili Cheese Dip at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Oil-Free Blueberry Scones

    Continue reading Oil-Free Blueberry Scones at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Easy Peach Crisp with Oats

    Continue reading Easy Peach Crisp with Oats at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Continue reading 7 MORE CLASSIC RECIPES EVERY PLANT BASED COOK SHOULD KNOW at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Mint Chocolate Smoothie

    Continue reading Mint Chocolate Smoothie at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Zucchini Cakes

    Continue reading Zucchini Cakes at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Sweet Potatoes with Swiss Chard

    Continue reading Sweet Potatoes with Swiss Chard at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Black Bean Brownies

    Continue reading Black Bean Brownies at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    How to Stock Your Plant Based Pantry

    Continue reading How to Stock Your Plant Based Pantry at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    Stuffed Peppers

    Continue reading Stuffed Peppers at Plant-Based Cooking.
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    The RSBG is updating its member benefits on Jan. 1, 2024!

    The RSBG is updating its member benefits to bring you more value and exclusive garden privileges! These new and improved benefits will take effect January 1, 2024. After listening to the needs of our members and garden visitors, we have updated our member benefits to bring you more value and new...
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    RSBG Admission Rates Increase Jan. 1, 2024

    The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, a not-for-profit 22-acre woodland garden, is committed to being an inclusive and welcoming space for the community by offering a range of low and no-cost admissions opportunities throughout the year. The RSBG relies heavily on plant sales, admission...
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    Monthly Garden Spotlight

    January By Emily Joseph Seasonal Interest: Often labeled as the dead of winter, January probably ranks as the month of least interest in the minds of most botanical garden visitors. Yet amidst the quiet cold, bastions of the winter botanical world are showing off structure, spectacular bark, and...
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    Monthly Garden Spotlight

    February By Will Clausen February might seem like just another winter month to some, but at the RSBG February means spring is already here. Flowers are starting to brighten up the garden, though sometimes winter weather sneaks through the gate. Rutherford Conservatory It is a short walk from the...
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    Monthly Garden Spotlight

    March by Emily Joseph March at the garden is a month most known for its variable precipitation, temperature swings, and for being the reason we check the 10-day forecast repeatedly. Frequently extolled in weather lore and age-old adages, it seems like a time-honored tradition for the weather to...
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    Monthly Garden Spotlight

    April by Will Clausen The beginning of April brings us near the end of the first big wave of color at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. Thankfully, the second wave should get going just as the early flowers fade away. It has been an exceptional spring for flowers throughout the garden...
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    RSBG Newsletter Vol 49 Num 1 2024 Spring

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    Spring blooms create colorful landscapes at Rhody Garden

    Federal Way Mirror – May 3, 2024
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    5 outings to see spring flowers around Seattle this May

    Seattle Times – April 23, 2024
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    Monthly Garden Spotlight

    June Story and photos by Will Clausen June is a month of transition in the garden. Even though peak flowering has passed for rhododendrons, there are still plenty of species that put on their show at this time of year, and a few that will wait for an even later date. And of course, we […]
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